“My experience with the Vanquish ME (Maximized Energy) was great. I did 2 treatment per week spaced 3 days apart and completed a total of 6 treatment on my stomach/love handles. I experienced some minor discomfort from the heat during the sessions but they would adjust it accordingly and had a fan directed on my body & that seemed to help with the “hot spots”. Overall I lost 2.5 inches and am happy, I am considering doing a second area. I did have a list of guidelines that were recommended to maximize my treatments. Drinking lots of water was one of them. I would say Vanquish ME is worth it because it helped me lose inches without downtime or surgery. In my opinion, one of the downsides to the treatment was that I had to stay very still and could not use my mobile device or read. The technician was a pleasure to talk to and very knowledgeable which made the experience a better one.”

J. Gagnon, Nahua NH


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“If you have an extra $1200 to spend and VERY realistic expectations you will be happy with this procedure. I did the top of my buttocks where I had some bulges that hung over my panty line and wouldn’t go away no matter how much exercise I did. Overall the area I had treated was about 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. I am slim and in shape, so I don’t have large pockets of fat. I can usually feel a 1-2 pound fluctuation in my weight so I’m able to notice a small difference. If you are overweight, this is probably not a good procedure for you, because the results won’t be noticeable.

The treatment lasted 4 sessions, and I definitely noticed a difference by the second time- the skin felt tighter. By the fourth and last time the whole area was smaller. I followed the instructions about drinking tons of water before and after and exercising. I don’t think there’s a point to doing a procedure and not following their instructions. So I went above and beyond because I wanted the most results.

Its’s now December and so far the results are good. When I wear dresses that used to bulge out on my lower back I noticed there is loose fabric there.”

Aggie, Englewood NJ

“Went here because I saw that they offered BTL Vanquish ME for melting fat. I heard that it works. I saw Yancey for my treatments who assured me that this was an amazing treatment. She was right. I lost inches in my troubled areas and now have definition in my stomach. I will be going back to get ProFractional Skin Rejuvenation for anti-aging. Never thought I would do these kind of treatments but Yancey was so knowledgeable and now I’m in.”

Avery M. (Actual Scottsdale Skin & Holistic Health Patient)